Sunday, April 12, 2009

He Has Risen!!!

He has risen indeed!!!! I know... b/c I actually saw the tomb this morning in my backyard! I went with the other "women" to take spices to the tomb and we found the stone rolled away!!! Jesus wasn't there... only a folded cloth lay inside. Mr. Wilke told us all that a folded napkin in Bible days meant that the master would surely be back to the table, he wasn't finished yet... And so it is with Jesus! It made me remember a line from one of my program songs- "He promised he'll be back again, I'm glad to think I'll see Him then!"

Some kids have a backyard play house... I have a backyard Jesus' Tomb!

Jana and Julianna were the angels who told me, Abby, and Bailey the good news!

our sunrise service
that's our house in the bottom right hand corner and the yellow spot on the left is my playground

then a well balanced breakfast of buttered toast and chocolate lolipops...
don't worry... we'll have a better dinner b/c guess who's coming.... GRANDPA AND GRAY!!!!!

Daddy liked my sash

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Lincoln slept in for the service but he joined us for breakfast,
and did I mention who'll be joining us for dinner....
GRANDPA AND GRAY!!!!!!! Yaaaayyyy!!!
Check back for pictures of our fun week with them!