Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Program: Take One

Daddy's in NC. Mommy's done reasonably well with the 3 of us by herself, but for some reason she doesn't want to leave the house much. Didn't help that it snowed yesterday and sleeted today. But tonight was the Easter music program at Worship, so we headed out the door to load up in the 4 Runner (open topped at this point b/c Daddy's always talkin' about the wind in his hair- but Daddy, I have to say I wasn't looking forward to sleet in my hair). We were saved, though, by Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, who let us pile in the truck with them. And we got lolipops- (if you give the Thompsons a hug you get a lolipop... good thing i love hugs and lolipops!). Then onto the next challenge... giving up the lolipops before going on stage. Here's our first try at the program. We get to do it all again Monday, too... might try to find a helmet for Henry first, though!

Please understand that nothing...not even staying on stage, was required to participate... with that in mind, I think we met all the requirements exceedingly well.

the glasses didn't seem to help his depth perception

don't worry... he recovered quickly (and luckily pride doesn't seem to be an issue at 19 months)