Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grandpa and Gray.. day 2!

This morning was sooo much fun (for me and Henry at least!) b/c Gray played with us all morning . Even though he's a whopping 12 years old (as of 2 days ago)... he was so gracious to play on our level for a few hours and Mommy thought that was really cool! We played cars, walkie talkies, firemen, built towers, and went to the playground (at least until it started to snow), ate pizza for lunch, and watched a movie. Now that me, Lincoln and Henry are taking a nap... I think Gray and Grandpa are getting to the fun stuff. They headed down to the sports center for basketball, foosball and pool... and when Daddy gets off work I think they'll hit the climbing wall. But here's what our morning looked like:

Here's some footage from this afternoon @ the skatepark...who needs a skateboard anyway?

and finally, it's official..Lincoln loves Grandpa: