Sunday, February 28, 2010

hot off the camera

Trips to town are long...
We try to enjoy the scenery
Field trips are fun...

Wherever we go or whatever we're doing... I'm drawing and writing notes... My stick figures have t-shirts nowadays.

Sorry Boone folks... it seems we skipped winter here this year!
Henry held a lamb... I held a lamb...

Lincoln's proud of his teeth, I guess... this is his prefered choice of smiles lately ... we can't get enough of it!

pretty typical moment in our home...

sandbox hasn't had a break this winter...
Ahhhhh, friends... God truly heard my mommy's requests!
Mommy turned old... seems to happen about once a year

It was with us for about a week before Mommy tired of fishing styrofoam from Linko's mouth- then we watched some youtube videos on demolition and went at it. It was a good house.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ode to Mrs. Inglesby

Though we were looking shaggy there for just a little while...
Thanks to Mrs. Inglesby we've all reclaimed our style:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Soccer Milestone

Remember a few months back when Mommy tried to coach us in soccer... turns out, since he was up so high in the back pack, Lincoln must have been watching Mrs. Kuhn's group- b/c somehow he got it! So- not only has Linko surpassed me and Henry this week by walking right around a year old... he's rubbing it in with his fancy footwork...



And in other news tonight- for those who don't already know- we do, in fact, have the best Daddy ever!!! We started building this earlier but bedtime came a callin'. Little do I know, but he's still working and we'll have the big reveal in the morning... check back!