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#30 bedtime

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#28 Kirdy's Birthday

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Creekside, September 2009:

We went to our camp staff Creekside opening party today... you know it was fun if Mommy didn't even think about taking pictures... but she remembered these from less than two years ago. What a change! God doesn't need this place to tell about Jesus... but just like the joy Mommy and Daddy had watching us waterslide today... He's got to have such joy giving good gifts... Please pray with us that campers this summer will not only enjoy the gift of this place, but that through the message... the ropes courses, the cars, the zipline, the program, the leaders.... the Holy Spirit will flutter in those hearts like the butterflies in our tummies on the slides earlier--- and show them the best gift- Jesus!

p.s.- we miss you already Terrys!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Didn't have any Bonnie T., Uncle C, so we went with Huey-