Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer's off to a great start...
Mr. Brady gave us a refresher course on relaxin',

Christian lets us borrow his sweet ride sometimes,

Mommy was tired for a few weeks... more movies on the beanbag for us!!

but we all got really excited when it came time for the Huffman's arrival!!

we even were campers with them!!!

my Uncle Judd... he's muddy

they really should just change their name to the Toughman's...

Someone should also move that big rock out of the way so the sun can shine through @ Cannon Beach... we still had fun, but I think they're only hanging onto the rock b/c of some goonies or something-

and now for the sun and daily 100 degrees,

and when Mommy gets too hot and tired again... we go back to watching movies...

Two last things...

we got a new Honda (our old haybarn finally gave out on us!)

and we got a new Ford:

Ford Stuart Terry!!! Yay Aunt Amy, Crazy Uncle Charles and Caroline!!