Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Father(s) the Hero

When we can just see his face up close (ashy and dirty as it may be)- all fear fades away. It doesn't matter what fire is burning out there... we have our DADDY! ( reminds me of another Father!)

The fire's still going... buildings appear safe for now (depending on the wind).... Daddy's home for now... men still out there fighting and tired. BLM here now and till it's completely out (a very good thing!) Please keep praying!
Update... I think the Bureau of Land Management just left b/c their property is in the clear... seems that the storm has caused quite a few fires in the area and the workers are spread thin... please keep praying for all our men out here. This means they'll have to double up their efforts... and they're already only getting a few hours of sleep every 24 hours, if even that. Mommy will give you a full rundown of the whole fire event as soon as she can.