Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keep on

Though summer camping's at a slight stand still... we'll still keep on going around here (just in our own small quarantined spaces).. so we're asking you to please keep on praying for this place and what the Lord has in store for the rest of our summer. The flu seemed to tear through the camp last week... we're so thankful to have had an incredible medical team here (We love Miss Micah)... but the hard stuffs not over yet... we have to recieve the go signal from the state health department...and need for all staff to be well here in order to do that. Several are recovering now so please pray for them... and that it will stop there. Every week that's cancelled means financial strain not only on the camp but many YL areas...and each cancelled week ends up effecting thousands of people involved in the big picture... but most importantly, close to 700 highschoolers will miss out on experiencing the "best week of their life" and hearing the gospel in such a clear and tangible way. But we know God's even bigger than that-- we know He can and does open the eyes and hearts of so many to their need for Jesus and abundant life with Him without setting foot in a camp like this- so we just pray that His will be done... that folks will get to hear about Jesus no matter where they are... and that those who are sick will be healed... bodies and hearts. Daddy's job and world have been turned upside down for a few days too... He's amazing...hanging in there, but could use some rest and energy himself. Me, Henry, Lincoln, and Mommy have just been staying put... everyone here has been asked to put a pause on social activity for now to stop the spread of the flu (we wave at our neighbors from a distance, sadly)... but we can and have been going to the pool everyday (chlorine saves the day for antsy little people) And Mommy's had time to throw together a quick musical montage for your entertainment. She really needs no excuse for montages, though. Just before our visit from the Flu (which thankfully our family hasn't made personal acquaintances with yet)... Daddy was completing a project for Mommy. I think they've both once or twice wished they'd agreed on my pink idea... but it'll do for now...