Wednesday, July 22, 2009

it's not supposed to be this way!!

Mommy says she should have at least had a couple of months of contented sitting up and playing by himself before this happened!!! But oh well... me and Henry got so excited today b/c it means he can be a part of the action now. Later on in the day we realized he only knows one game and we have to do most of the work.... it's called Keep-Away!

also the bonus feature of the day is this:

the way before (6 yrs ago):

mommy being swept off her feet by a vehicle= $600
mommy being swept off her feet by Daddy= priceless!

the before (upon reuniting 6 months ago):

and the after...

check back very soon, we bought the paint! (Daddy almost let me pick but since there are more boys than girls around here lately he passed on pink)