Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back at it!

Thank you so much everyone for praying!!! Our 16,000 acre fire has seen it's last juniper and tumbleweed! Well- a few tree's are still smoldering... Mr. Brown explained today that the base of the trees turn into an oven pretty much and continue to slowly burn from the inside out for a while... but as long as they're surrounded by "black" (already burnt stuff) we should be okay. The men are still patrolling though. But while they patrol... camp is back in action! Praise the Lord! Mommy's working on a montage right now so you can see some shots of camp in action (working in this case means strongly thinking about it). In the meantime... we've had our Daddy back and we love it. Daddies... kid's love 'em. Here's a song I wrote in his honor:

"A Daddy held his Baby When He was at the Hospital" by Lucy

A daddy was at the Hospital

Daddy held a baby

And I went to the grocery store

In my car seat

With a big treat

What was it? Candy

But I was not old enough to eat candy

But Daddy had no ?

So he rided with our Mimi

But did you remember, he had no truck

So he had to ride with Mimi.

Also... Henry's almost officially a big boy (potty training will seal the deal). Here's his bed as of a few nights ago. (Thanks Gray!!) We only had enough paint for the bottom part for his first few nights but finished it and put it together in all it's glory last night. Only then did mommy realize that they had just constructed the only thing that may actually be more confining to sleep in than a crib (no complaining though!) Here's a clip of us waking him up the next morning... well... he wasn't really sleeping- more like basking in the glory of his freedom. And the latter is a shot of the completed project.

And last, but not least... WHC Interns '03.... both Mr. Brady and Miss Micah are here right now! Watch out for some great pics. Margarita, Mommy's setting up a special photo shoot for you... so be sure to check back. Oh - and here's a picture of me blogging, for those of you who've been wondering!