Wednesday, August 5, 2009

good news!

B came home @ 1:30 last night... said things have died down soooo much!!! Most of our men are home...BLM taking care of the rest last night! This is huge!!! Thank you GOD! I'm driving into Antelope this morning so I'll try to get some pictures of our changed landscape. Thanks again for praying... keep on going if you will, (He hears you!!)... especially for those arriving today, that this won't be a distraction or a hinderance, that they'll get to hear about Jesus and a greater fire will be lit in their hearts!

Found this...
The last minute of the video report shows a flyover of the fire on our property.

photos by Abby Brown, my shotgun photographer on the 30 min. drive home today...

Antelope VBS perseveres- please pray for all our hearts as we are weary, good thing He's promised that when we're weak He's strong!!