Monday, May 11, 2009

sweet caroline!

Finally!!! I got to hug my sweet cousin Caroline again!

Isn't she beautiful!!!

Just look at me... I was so excited I could shout for joy!!!

I got to "sister" her all week long! ("sister" is actually a verb our friends, the Browns, taught us, meaning to smother with love and affection and attention whether desired by the opposite party or not)
I even let her play with Debbie.

She liked my brothers too. I think she wanted to eat Lincoln.

He is kinda meaty, 19 lbs @3 1/2 mos old! Sometimes I think he's so
cute I could just eat him up, too. Then he spits up on me and the moment passes.

Caroline loves it when I squeeze her. Henry doesn't know how good he's got it.

As we gave Mimi, Aunt Amy, Uncle Charles, and Caroline a tour of the new summer staff lodge... Daddy pointed out all the animals on the walls. He had to remind me and Henry that the mountain lion, bobcat, and elk were all once alive but not anymore.. now they're just stuffed for decoration. That made me a little relieved. So when we stopped to take pictures with our bronze friends on camp (see picture below)... I pointed them out to everyone. I had to remind Aunt Amy that the kids were once alive, but not any more... now they're just stuffed for decoration. It made me more than a little relieved when she cleared up this misconception for me!

Papa was our playroom playmate for the last two weeks!

And Mimi, as always, has a way with her grandbabies...

We flew kites...

petted horses...
played on the playground... and Mimi even got to meet alot of my friends at Lily's house for craft time...
but alot of the time we just hung around in our pajamas... we were sick...
everyone kept talking about some kind of flying pig disease...
i think thats what we had :)
...but even though we had to use our mouths to breathe most of the time we used them to smile alot and talk too. Here's Crazy Uncle Charles. He smiles alot. Unless you call him Chuck.
we love our Papa and Mimi!!!

wrong baby, mommy.... you'd think with all the baby
wearing devices around here they wouldn't misplace their babies!

there you go... that's more like it.
there was also alot of dancing going on.. especially in the kitchen- I'll try to round up a few videos to share... my Aunt Amy- she's got the moves... she was a Spartanite after all!