Monday, May 18, 2009

a tough decision

The pool's been open the last few days and Mommy's trying to get us there as much as possible so she can start strategizing a plan for this summer. Her theory is that it's got to get easier the more we go, right? Didn't seem hard to me though. I love gliding through the cool water with every muscle in every limb clenched around Mommy's body. Henry, however, took his usual laid back approach and enjoyed bobbing and kicking with his floaties the whole time. Mommy's end goal is for me to learn how to swim... for Henry not to bob too far into the deep end by himself, and for Lincoln to learn to love his little red sun tent that Mrs. Sherrell loaned us for the summer... which has already proven to fit at least 5 toddlers in it- unfortunately all on top of him. Kids love tents. Today mommy tried walking to the pool, thinking the stroller would lull Lincoln into a deep sleep so she could focus on me and Henry in the water... that didn't work as well as she planned. But there was a little lulling on the way home. Here's Henry in the backpack struggling to make a tough decision... lolipop or sleep... both soooo appealing after after a good hour of bobbing.

... and here's some bonus footage of Henry chasing a small red dot at the Pratt's.... don't know if Henry or Rufus enjoyed it more. Kids love lasers.