Sunday, August 28, 2011

@ the Dairy Barn

So... South Bottom's burned (shack saved though) and fire's reached the Dairy Barn area... B came home for a little while and actually even took a dip in the pool (that's a fireman's bath for you). BLM is here now with several crews on ground and in air. B was called back during his "bath" to back burn around the old cafeteria (Rajneesh) to try to save that building and keep the fire from heading on up the road. Road is closed from the Mark II condos on out, but here are some pics of the dairy barn area Tandy Martin took. Afternoon is when it seems to be at it's worst... night is when it looks the scariest... mornings seem calmer... then it starts all over again in the heat of the afternoon. Let's hope the cycle is interrupted soon by rain. From what I understand there's still no panic. The guys are smiling... sweating but smiling. They're tough! We could all use a little fresh air and rest... but thankfully God's in control!