Saturday, August 27, 2011

B got home late and went out early again... We woke up the kids late last night so he could share some quick stories with them and hug them. Please pray with us today. It might rain... but they're calling for more lightning too! It's called a "red flag warning" on the weather reports. You can see in the video how it's cresting the hill... and that means it's headed for main camp. It's hard to describe how widespread it is... like fingers reaching over the hill for miles. B still seems so cool and even headed about it. He said there's really no reason to worry. Those guys just keep going... their efforts, their strength from the Lord, and of course His promises give us no reason to worry. The guys out there trust and persevere so we can too! Oh- and we had helicopters from the BLM here dumping buckets from the river.... their efforts are divided among multiple fires in the area though... but I think they were very helpful. On a high note- B and Henry Inglesby did save a building by the river, not to mention Ozzie the Osprey's habitat. On a gross note... he found a half eaten by a cougar deer on fire. He'll have lots of stories to tell when this is over!
This was taken by Sara B in our yard last night: