Tuesday, September 29, 2009

celebrations and vacations

First there was Nora's Princess party...
This was the beginning of my interest in playing dress up... I'm a late bloomer, I know... but now I'm hooked. Then we were off to Portland... first stop, Multnomah Falls- On to my favorite part... the hotel! We kind of stood out like the Beverly Hillbillys. Thanks to smart shopping on Priceline, Daddy booked us a trendy "boutique" type motel. That's Lincoln over in the corner in his own private suite.... a sheet covered pack'n play... being lulled to sleep by Phil Huxtable. The first night I was so excited about the ice machine that I filled the shiny bucket and snacked on ice through at least 3 Cosby Shows until I was shivering. Mommy and Daddy are so thankful I'm easy to entertain. Then for the zoo!! Our reaction was different than Mommy had initially hoped for... ever since the cow incident, it seems we're now a little nervous about large animals... but we did loosen up by the end of the day.

The next morning we woke up and headed for the coast!

It was the first time Mommy and Daddy had ever seen sun @ Cannon Beach! It was beautiful!

I found lots of pieces of sand dollars... not like the full ones Mommy and Aunt Amy used to find... though they did discover years later that all those perfectly round, bleached white sand dollars had been placed strategically on the sand moments earlier by their Uncle B who was casually walking a few feet ahead! Still makes a great memory, though! And mine will too!

Lincoln started out happy and sitting pretty in Mommy's dream confinement contraption.

Henry likes to wrestle.

I like to hug.
Lincoln, it turns out, does not like confinement.So we set him free to eat all the sand he wanted... it was a vacation after all!
Then back to reality after a full 3 days of action! And back to dressup. Here's me as "80's Prom Princess" and my handsome "Knight in Shining Underwear". We truly are everything Mommy's ever hoped for and more.

And Daddy went on another adventure to see Uncle Brady and Aunt Austin. One night, before he left,we were playing one of my favorite games ... "The Guess What I'm Drawing Game" (some call it pictionary-but not me, I just call it like it is). I surprised Mommy and Daddy with this picture of our family in an airplane b/c I'm so excited about flying to see them one day too. Mommy and Daddy are a little slow though, so I had to write out a hint for them... " T-e-c-s-s-i-s" (Some spell it Texas but not me, I just spell it like it is). I can't wait to see you Uncle Brady and Aunt Austin... thanks so much for taking care of our Daddy... We love you soooo much!

And after 30 minutes (past our bedtime nonetheless) of Mommy baiting us into luring you to come visit us through flattery and her amazing use of cinematography- here we are making one last plea... or two or three...

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm 4!

I 'm 4!! I woke up that morning and immediately asked for new clothes b/c I was certain I no longer fit in my 3 year old clothes after growing into a 4 year old overnight. (well, woke up would imply I actually went to sleep but Mommy and Daddy are pretty sure I watched the clock all night.) I got to pick my food for the day... french toast breakfast... pizza and a movie lunch... spaghetti dinner. I opened presents (thank you to everyone!!) I played... I napped... I partied (karaoke style)... I stayed up late to see the rock crushers at the quarry... and I roasted marshmallows over a campfire! It was a good day. I did cry at my party but I think Mommy's just realizing why the song was ever written in the first place. Too much sugar + overwhelming attention and overstimulation = "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."

And in other news:

Daddy actually caught Henry's poop in his hand. It was a close one, you shouldn't ask too many questions or try to picture it... but otherwise potty training is going pretty well. The real test, however, will be at the zoo in a couple of days!

And let us not forget my sweet Susie... she turned three!... It was on my very first birthday that she entered our lives and stole our hearts -- and just look at how clean she is :) ...

Monday, September 7, 2009

breaking the silence

Our computer had bad cookies... didn't sound too bad to me, but Daddy had to wipe it clean and start over (they must have been peanut butter b/c Daddy would have never gotten rid of chocolate chip) - anyway, we're back and here's a look at our last month or so.

I finally let Mommy and Daddy in on the whole cow-fear thing just after the camera was off... it's an honest mistake to think that the cows would squirt their udders at us- they did, after all... appear to be forming a blockade.

Also... Henry's become quite the talker, (when I let him get in a few words, at least). In an effort to give him a chance at those few words, I'm now taking your questions for a one-on-one video interview with the talker himself. Please think of a question you'd like to hear his thoughts on, and submit it in the comment section below... don't hold back!