Monday, September 7, 2009

breaking the silence

Our computer had bad cookies... didn't sound too bad to me, but Daddy had to wipe it clean and start over (they must have been peanut butter b/c Daddy would have never gotten rid of chocolate chip) - anyway, we're back and here's a look at our last month or so.

I finally let Mommy and Daddy in on the whole cow-fear thing just after the camera was off... it's an honest mistake to think that the cows would squirt their udders at us- they did, after all... appear to be forming a blockade.

Also... Henry's become quite the talker, (when I let him get in a few words, at least). In an effort to give him a chance at those few words, I'm now taking your questions for a one-on-one video interview with the talker himself. Please think of a question you'd like to hear his thoughts on, and submit it in the comment section below... don't hold back!