Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here we go!!!

Tonight's the night...we take off @ 12:30 am and will be in NC by 10 ish tomorrow! We'll be in Boone until Sunday... then Daddy heads to Rockbridge and the rest of us to Winston. We are so excited to see everyone! If we haven't gotten to talk to you yet and you'll be in one of those two places- please call Daddy's cell phone so we can cross paths at some point. Can't wait to see everyone!!!! Yaayy for cousins!!! Yaay for grandparents!!! Yaaay for friends!!!
In the meantime... the action will continue in our absence around here! We'll be praying for a group of girls this week in the cabin "Buckskin Charley"- they're from Salem OR. Their leaders are Krista, Emilie, and Lyndsay- and the girls are Jade, Michelle, Hailey, Katie, Zoya, Hollie, Galene, Alex, Ali, Amber, Erica, Chelsea, Mckenna, and Maria. Their leaders will be walking by their sides this week... experiencing new physical challenges, laughing hysterically, being goofier than any highschooler would ever be in her hometown, and listening to the gospel of Christ presented to them in small (yet big) pieces each day. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes to the gift of God... eternal life in Christ Jesus and that they'll know so deeply that it's by grace we are saved... freed... made brand new!
Whenever we fly on a plane or even talk about it, I ask mommy if we'll be going to heaven... it is somewhere way up there, right? She always says "not today"... but then stops in her path and thinks for a second and says something like... "well, I guess we might be going today but we never really know when He's going to come get us! We better be ready!" My question is always a great reminder for her. Today I told her "Yeah... Jesus is just up there now moving some furniture around." She looked a little confused... but then she remembered one of my favorite Steve Greene songs... giggled... and asked if that was what I was talking about... so I sang it for her... it's straight from Jesus' lips... he promised that... "In my Father's house are many mansions... so I go to prepare a place for you!" So if you don't know Jesus already, please know that he loves you so much that he's moving furniture around for you up there even as you read this... and you can't get there on a plane or a trian or a boat or even with your own two feet... for just as we hope our highschool friends will see this week... it's a free gift (one we can't ever earn and don't even deserve) that we're saved through telling Jesus we need him... accepting His gift, believing in Him... who died for our sins but came back to life so we can have a new life too! He's the only way! We' ll keep telling you more about this amazing gift throughout the summer as we get to share stories and pictures.

We love you all and can't wait to see quite a few of you we've been missing way out here!!!