Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Real Wild West

There's a birthday around here at least every other week it seems... and when it comes to birthdays, our neighbors do it up right. Abby had a western themed party and I got to show off my red boots that Daddy brought me from Uncle Brady and Aunt Austin's Texas. And Henry was a western bear. What makes a bear western you might ask? A mustache, of course. And he had a gun. Lincoln had rocking horses on his PJ's... that's as creative as Mommy could get. She did try a mustache on him too, but when the crying got too loud, her and Daddy said they'd crossed the line... I'm not sure what line they thought they'd crossed though b/c the line I saw didn't even go halfway across his lip before the crying began. Anyway- it was fun, and here it is:

...and we had a karaoke after-party at our house with the Pratts... I practiced Standing on the Promises while Daddy sang some grease song... My daddy, he's always thinking about car stuff...