Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My name is Lucy. I'm 3. I have a mommy and daddy and two little brothers and lots of family who happen to be over 3,ooo miles away right now. Mommy was going to do a blog but since I do most of the talking around here anyway, she gave the job to me. Quite frankly she seems to have her hands full right now so she doesn't mind handing things over. Here's whats new: Lincoln's sleeping (better), mommy and daddy are sleeping (better), I'm eating chicken (better), and Henry's loving firetrucks and what not ( I would say better but I don't know that we could read the same two firemen books any more than 20 times a day... and still have time for me to eat chicken (better) and everyone else to sleep (better).

I help Mommy out alot these days... but I still find time to take care of my babies, too. I like setting up photo shoots with my babies like Mrs. Inglesby does.

Henry, like I mentioned... loves firetrucks, firetruck books, going to Daddy's firestation, wearing his dollar store fire hat (all day every day), and Humpty Dumpty. He definetley wanted to be in Daddy's shoes last week when he fought his first real fire (besides the one he set when he was 14 that burned a few acres behind his house). Ask Daddy about his "Burn and Learn"... he has some fun stories.

Henry also likes talking nowadays. I like it when he says my name most of all. It makes me want to hug him. Well... pretty much everything makes me want to hug him... big... hard... almost painful hugs... but hugs, nonetheless. Mommy calls this kind of hug "an antagonizing hug" I'm pretty sure it means I'm a great hugger.

Lincoln loves eating, sleeping, pooping, spitting up, and me. He smiles at me more than anyone else.

Life on the West Coast has been fun so far... but I miss all my family so much. I love playing with everybody's heads on the fridge, though (magnets, that is) and I'm teaching Henry and Lincoln your names everyday. We can't wait for you all to visit and for our trip home in the fall! We love you all!