Monday, April 11, 2011

Lincoln had a 24 hour sleeping "bug". It was weird.
But don't worry, the scout has awoken from winter hibernation... Lindy's still cute :) Hope to finish the fire pit before Mimi, Papa, Grandpa, Uncle Brady, and Aunt Austin come... get your marshmallows ready! Debbie's sitting up now, not Lindy yet though. New computers @ the office again... hours of fun with boxes @ home! The Krispy Kreme Challenge... sequel to the Moravian Sugar Cake Challenge, La Carretta basket-o-chips Challenge, etc. (this is what we do when we're missing our favorite restaurants or even a grocery store...) Missing eyelash or not, Mary is a faithful friend to all. And I am oh so delighted that all of my babies seem to be hitting it off with Lindy! I've waited for this all of my life!! Sometimes we have to find a way to pass the time while Daddy's working on his turn @ the "Guess-what-I'm-drawing-Game". He's pretty intense.