Thursday, January 21, 2010

Linko's One!

Has it really been a year? Sometimes I just look at this face and think to myself "I should only be so thankful to be blessed with two sweet brothers God's given me to have as best friends!" Then I realize that voice in my head is really Mommy's voice ...reprimanding me for a sibling interaction gone wrong. But I really do love them. Linko's like my big, real live baby doll... only he almost weighs as much as I do. Promise this was the first time we fed him cake.

Since he's only one, we got to impose upon him our own idea of fun for his B-day dinner celebration... roasting hot dogs on the fire.

And we're all about baby sign language... Henry and I are thinking of switching over completely, ourselves, if it'll get us cake everyday!

But truly, we can't say enough how completely and utterly blessed we feel to be a part of this amazing little boy's life! Every time he cracks a smile... he melts our hearts! Thank you Jesus for a chance to love on and be loved by this little boy! We pray that he knows and trusts You sooo early in his life! And remains in You all of his days.Thanks for a wonderful year!