Friday, October 30, 2009


October info:

1. Preschool music (aka "preschool noise") has been meeting at our house and its soooo much fun (thanks Mrs. Wagner!)... Mommy's going to start practicing not falling off the stage with Henry soon- as we prepare for the Christmas program.

2. It's fall!!! Though it in no way compares to Boone... our three trees worth of leaves have been quite fun.

3. Mommy did "The Screamer"... thanks Miss Micah and Miss Amanda for encouraging her. I gave Mommy the longest biggest hug when she came down. I think that's my way of saying "Good job Mommy but don't ever scare me like that again!!"

4. I won third prize out of all the little people in the pinewood car derby @ the Harvest Party! My tie-died minivan blew Daddy and Henry's Scout away... but theirs was pretty cool looking... if they'd painted it pink they'd have surely won 'Best in Show'--- who paints a Scout baby blue anyway?

5. Me, Henry, and Mommy won first prize in the pie contest. Thanks Aunt Barbie... we won't disclose your secret recipe to everyone, but for those wondering... all you really need to win a pie contest is ridiculous amounts of butter and sugar, and a few blueberries too.

6. Mommy is forever indebted to Mrs. Brown! (Yay for prop closets, prairie dresses and friends!)

7. Lincoln is amazing... he's had a few brief moments of standing on his own... he cruises around the furniture... dangles from the kitchen table by his hands, and climbs all the way up the stairs when Mommy and Daddy turn around for 2 seconds. He also spits up on the sofa, spits up on the table, and spits up on the stairs... but always with a smile! We like him alot. I kiss him alot. He doesn't mind yet.

8. We had community soccer each Wed. this month... Mommy ended up coaching the wee ones a little... we're all still a little confused about the game after that. I think it involves kicking a ball.

9. Daddy's doing Program for 'Work and Worship' this weekend (that means he's the funny guy). We'll try to get a few pics up. He's really amazing at it and really just loves to be serving in ways beyond his day job.

My quote of the month:

(upon discovering a fallen branch of the juniper tree in front of our house... knowing full well that blueberries grow on bushes, not trees, after picking thousands of them at our old house)

"What in my mind?! A blueberry tree!!" ( I think I meant 'what in the world?' but the intensity and excitement with which I said it made it seem perfectly correct.

Henry's quote of the month:

(upon finishing the story of Zacchaeus with Daddy- after Daddy explained that Zacchaeus had a changed heart and gave back all the money he stole, tenfold)

"I don't like money... I just like food."

That Henry...We like him alot. I kiss him alot. He definetely minds.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

a beautiful day in the "neigh"borhood

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Thompson!